BC Housing (HPO) will not award CPD points twice for repeated seminar(s) – whether onsite or online.

It is the sole responsibility of the Nominee to ensure that they do not register for the same Smart CPD Seminar that they have already attended before. No CPD points will be awarded nor will any money be refunded for repeat seminars. Smart CPD is not responsible for it’s clients repeating seminars.


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Asbestos Awareness (Online)3.5This Smart CPD online seminar deals with the hazardous material Asbestos, a building material that was used from the early 1900’s all the way to the late 70’s and early 80’s. Asbestos is colorless, odorless, tasteless, fire and chemical resistant and therefore was referred to as the “wonder material”. It was used in various places including homes, schools, commercial buildings, restaurants and storage facilities. This course will inform the builder about the types and groups of asbestos, its history and dangers along with the diseases asbestos exposure will lead to. This seminar will educate the builder about where asbestos could be lurking in existing buildings, how to mitigate its risks, how to safely handle it and get it carefully and safely removed.Book Now
Construction and Site Hazardous Materials (Online)4This Smart CPD online seminar is intended to educate a builder about the hazardous materials which can be found within a construction or work site. In addition, this seminar will also inform the builder on how to recognize the hazardous materials, how to dispose of them and what the associated health concerns are. The materials included will be silica, asbestos, vermiculite, radon gas, mercury, lead, combustibles, paints, oils, polychlorinated biphenyl, mold, compressed gas, corrosive materials, oxidizing materials, reactive and catalytic materials, poisons and bio-hazards, Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.Book Now
Field Reviews, Inspections, Reports and Schedules (Online)3Field reviews, Inspections, Reports and Schedules are the documents which monitor the progress of a construction project. A builder must be aware of professionals responsible to conduct such procedures. This Smart CPD seminar will provide the builder with the frequency and timing of the check-points at which the field reviews and inspections may be requested. Specific checklists will be reviewed which will help the builder to realize the missing work still needed to be completed before calling field reviews and inspections. After attending this seminar, the builder will be well-informed of which documents and pre-requisites must be available on-site. The builder will also be provided with the information of all mandatory schedules and reports required for issuance of the final occupancy permit.Book Now
Trees Awareness in Construction (Online)3This Smart CPD online seminar deals with trees and their importance during construction. This seminar informs the builder about Tree Bylaws and the ways of protecting trees during and after construction as well as types of wood products used during construction. Types of trees and tree diseases, measurement of trees and dripline, roots, pruning trees, benefits of trees, global warming, photosynthesis and care of street trees will be covered in this online seminar.Book Now