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Valid till Nov 30, 2022
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Asbestos Awareness (Online)3.5AA(O)This Smart CPD online seminar deals with the hazardous material Asbestos, a building material that was used from the early 1900’s all the way to the late 70’s and early 80’s. Asbestos is colorless, odorless, tasteless, fire and chemical resistant and therefore was referred to as the “wonder material”. It was used in various places including homes, schools, commercial buildings, restaurants and storage facilities. This course will inform the builder about the types and groups of asbestos, its history and dangers along with the diseases asbestos exposure will lead to. This seminar will educate the builder about where asbestos could be lurking in existing buildings, how to mitigate its risks, how to safely handle it and get it carefully and safely removed.Book Now
Business Financial Statements for Builders (Online)1.5BFS(O)The online seminar describes the different forms of business in a market and differentiates each with appropriate illustrations based on the liability restrictions and ownership principles. As a businessperson, one should be aware about the facts, procedures, and guidelines followed in the financial statements to maintain records. The builder will know about the categories of business accounts with a detailed knowledge of their respective items such as balance sheets and income statements. At the conclusion, methods, and formulas to calculate the depreciation for accounting and tax purposes will be discussed.Book Now
Conservation, Management and Control of Water (Online)4Water(O)This Smart CPD online seminar deals with water awareness and conservation of water. This can be done by efficient irrigation, suitable landscaping and using suitable plumbing fixtures to reduce water. Using water meters, solar water heaters and greywater heat recovery methods would enhance cost savings due reduction of water usage. Applying USA industry standards, BC Building Code, and principles of water control would prevent water wastage and eliminate/mitigate ‘water in home’ consequences.Book Now
Construction and Site Hazardous Materials (Online)4CSHM(O)This Smart CPD online seminar is intended to educate a builder about the hazardous materials which can be found within a construction or work site. In addition, this seminar will also inform the builder on how to recognize the hazardous materials, how to dispose of them and what the associated health concerns are. The materials included will be silica, asbestos, vermiculite, radon gas, mercury, lead, combustibles, paints, oils, polychlorinated biphenyl, mold, compressed gas, corrosive materials, oxidizing materials, reactive and catalytic materials, poisons and bio-hazards, Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.Book Now
Construction Considerations for Natural Disasters (Online)3.5CCND(O)This Smart CPD online seminar describes the BC Building Code requirements and common-sense precautions a licenced builder must incorporate in their construction techniques to mitigate possible hazards caused by potential natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, sinkholes, floods, and rainstorms. Types of soil, land terrains, and water management techniques will also be covered in this seminar.Book Now
Construction Estimating & Cost Management (Online)4CECM(O)This online seminar involves a careful examination and emphases on development of basic knowledge of Construction Estimating and Cost Management.Book Now
Construction Fire Safety Plan (Online)4CFSP(O)This online seminar is an effort by Smart CPD to keep the construction site fire safe. It covers the roles and responsibilities of a builder when it comes to the fire safety during construction. This seminar reviews the precautions taken to prevent a fire and the plan of action in case a fire occurs. It acts as a helpful guide to assign duties to the site personnel in advance of a fire so that all are aware of the fire protocol. This seminar familiarizes the builder with a brief overview of the types of fire extinguishers and how to use one in case of a small manageable fire (PASS method). Book Now
Construction Project Management (Online)7CPM(O)This Smart CPD online presentation explains about the importance of Project Management in the construction industry. It focuses on how a Project Manager plays a supervisory role to contribute toward the success of a construction project in accordance with regulatory guidelines. This online seminar educates the builder about the distinct stages involving planning of the project. It informs the builder with getting started with pre-construction activities including the role of consultant for efficient project planning. It also emphasizes on the qualities, duties, and responsibilities of a project management team in the construction industry. This presentation will help the beginners in the construction industry to improve their awareness and understanding of the primary elements of construction project management.Book Now
Construction Site Safety Awareness 1 (Online)6CSSA1(O)This Smart CPD seminar will inform builders about potential hazards on a construction site, how to manage a safe construction environment and mitigate the risks of injury on the job site. Adherence to safety protection discussed in this seminar may appear to be common sense but non-adherence often is the cause of risk, injury and sometimes death. This seminar will teach builders about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), site equipment, hazards, how to mitigate danger and maintain a safe working site. Book Now
Construction Site Safety Awareness 2 (Online)7CSSA2(O)This Smart CPD seminar will inform builders about potential hazards on a construction site, how to manage a safe construction environment and mitigate the risks of injury on the job site. Adherence to safety protection discussed in this seminar may appear to be common sense but non-adherence often is the cause of risk, injury and sometimes death. This seminar will teach builders about the different types of materials and tools on construction site as well as occupational safety and health and how to address these issues. Book Now
Dig Safely (Online)1.5DS(O)This Smart CPD seminar encompasses the requirements to be met to safely work before and during digging in construction. Builders will learn about the permits and approvals needed during the digging process and the subsequent aftermath and penalties should the requirements not be met. Informing the builders how to use ‘BC 1 call’ to their advantage will be covered. This seminar will describe safety in the dug-out work environment and near the pad mounted transformer. Alerting the builders about the emergency situations and the thefts involving energy and how to counter them will be a part of this Smart CPD seminar.Book Now
Essential Construction Mathematics (Online)4MATH(O)This Smart CPD online seminar familiarizes the builder to various mathematical values (numbers, fractions, percentages, decimals). This seminar educates the builder of the formulae to calculate angles, perimeter, circumference, area and volume. It teaches them to apply these formulae to calculate how much material would be used through examples. After taking this online course the builder will be able to calculate the amount of material required to reduce wastage and also estimate the cost of materials and labour required.Book Now
Estates, Interests and Land Registration (Online)1.5EILR(O)This Smart CPD seminar entails the details of real estate property law for the enhanced awareness of the learners to best use it to their benefit. It gives them wide view of the extent of land ownership (estates). For increased understanding, it sheds light on the co-ownership of land, what it means to share tenancy in various ways and describing the differences between its kinds. It educates builders as to which items fall into the respective categories of fixtures and chattels. It assists the learner in the Torrens System of land registration and Title Insurance for added financial security.Book Now
Field Reviews, Inspections, Reports and Schedules (Online)3FIRS(O)Field reviews, Inspections, Reports and Schedules are the documents which monitor the progress of a construction project. A builder must be aware of professionals responsible to conduct such procedures. This Smart CPD seminar will provide the builder with the frequency and timing of the check-points at which the field reviews and inspections may be requested. Specific checklists will be reviewed which will help the builder to realize the missing work still needed to be completed before calling field reviews and inspections. After attending this seminar, the builder will be well-informed of which documents and pre-requisites must be available on-site. The builder will also be provided with the information of all mandatory schedules and reports required for issuance of the final occupancy permit.Book Now
Financial Planning (Online)3FP(O)Financial planning can perplex builders. This online offering demystifies financial planning in simple terms. It deals with the financial mathematics involved in investing and borrowing money. With regards to investing money various topics like simple interest, compound interest and the ‘Rule of 72’ will be discussed. With regards to borrowing money topics discussed will include loan terminology and analysis, and legal money lending. This online seminar will teach the builder to budget and analyze financial statements. This offering will inform about various aspects of taxation related to the builders. Advanced financing techniques will also be a part of this online seminar. This offering will enable the builder to check lender qualifications and debt coverage ratio.Book Now
Heating and Ventilation Basics (Online)3.5HAV(O)This Smart CPD online seminar focus on how efficient heating and ventilation can be achieved by a builder. The online seminar provides information on the different types of heating systems along with their pros and cons. Similarly, knowledge is delivered about different types of ventilation systems along with their pros and cons. Relevant BC Building Code requirements are discussed where applicable.Book Now
Mortgage: Sources, documents and calculations (Online)3MOR(O)This Smart CPD seminar will provide an insight into the financing options available to the builders (banks, credit unions, trust unions, life insurance companies, private lenders). It will further enhance their knowledge on the procedure as to how acquire finances for their projects. This seminar will also highlight the interest rate calculations methods with emphasis on Interest Rates Per Compounding Periods.Book Now
Practical Construction Calculations (Online)7PCC(O)This Smart CPD online course informs the builder of the common calculations in construction. After providing a refresher in basic mathematical formulae it goes on to explain various construction terms. It then corelates how to calculate many scenarios in construction using practical examples (FSR, shingles, drywall, windows, floor area etc.). Estimation of truck loads, cement and gravel needed for a project will be explained. Elevations, MBE and clearance numbers will be reviewed.Book Now
The Fire Trilogy - Fire Stopping, Fire Proofing and Fire Separation (Online)6TFT(O)This Smart CPD webinar will introduce fire, its risks and, will discuss about various questions arising during a fire incident. It will explain the importance of fire separation and implementation of fire stopping systems in the construction industry. In addition to this, it will emphasize on fire separation between buildings, units, garages, doors, and corridors. During this webinar, the participants will get an idea on different methods of controlling and stopping the fire.Book Now
Trees Awareness in Construction (Online)3TAC(O)This Smart CPD online seminar deals with trees and their importance during construction. This seminar informs the builder about Tree Bylaws and the ways of protecting trees during and after construction as well as types of wood products used during construction. Types of trees and tree diseases, measurement of trees and dripline, roots, pruning trees, benefits of trees, global warming, photosynthesis and care of street trees will be covered in this online seminar.Book Now
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