Please read, agree and understand the following terms fully before registering for the seminars.

  1. All sales are final.
  2. Transfer from one seminar to another is permitted with prior approval only by contacting Smart CPD Solutions Ltd. (SCS) at 604-445-6363, 778-240-0002 or 604-593-2293.
    • $50 fee will be charged to transfer to another seminar if more than 48 hours’ notice is provided.
    • No transfer is permitted or credit is provided within (less than) 48 hours of a registered seminar.
    • Triple combo pass holders receive one free transfer provided 48 hours are remaining until their registered seminar. No transfer or credit is provided if less than 48 hours are remaining until their scheduled seminar.
  3. SCS encourages its clients to read the topic descriptions, dates and venues before registering for any seminar. SCS does not assume liability if the client registered in the wrong seminar due to any reasons. In case of wrong registrations, please contact SCS at the earliest.
  4. The information provided in the seminars by Smart CPD Solutions Ltd. (SCS) is general and not specific in nature. While it is SCS’s sincere effort to provide its clients with the most up-to-date accurate information, however SCS does not assume any responsibility for any damage, harm, injury, penalty, loss or cost that may be consequently acquired or sustained upon using the information generically provided by SCS. Rather SCS encourages its clients to
    • keep abreast with the federal, provincial, municipal and other applicable codes and by-laws and apply them in their practice appropriately. SCS may refer to specifications or quote codes in examples or as answers to specific questions asked during the seminars but these should not be taken in verbatim and not be applied to their project generically.
    • research, enquire or consult with relevant consultants, advisors and municipal officials before undertaking any construction project or making any construction related decisions. As each construction project is unique, relevant decisions should be made after analyzing and interpreting all pertinent information. SCS assumes no direct or indirect influence in the decision-making process regarding any construction project.
    • follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep in touch with the ever-changing products. SCS does not assume responsibility for use of incorrect product or using products incorrectly.
  5. SCS offers seminars across BC in venues serviced by various providers. The seminar events are a result of the combined sincere effort of SCS and its staff with the venue and catering management. SCS does not assume any liability for any loss or damage incurred due to (but not limited to) natural causes, unnatural causes, war, accidents, human error or negligence on part of SCS or its service providers. This includes (but not limited to) accommodation, catering, transportation, education.
  6. BC Housing (HPO) will not award CPD points twice for the same seminar(s). Please do not register for the seminar(s) you have previously attended. Smart CPD Solutions is not liable for clients repeating seminars. No payment will be refunded as clients (not Smart CPD) are responsible for their own learning.
  7. In case of any dispute the reimbursement cannot exceed the value paid to Smart CPD Solutions Ltd.